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  • Selfies from the past - header

    Selfies From The Past: Celebrating A Birmingham Community’s Selfies From 40 Years Ago

    A 1979 photography project asked passers-by to take snaps of themselves using a makeshift studio built on a street in a multicultural Birmingham suburb. A new exhibition of the Handsworth Self Portrait images showcases how people interacted with the idea of the ‘selfie’ 40 years ago. Running on weekends from August to October 1979, the…

  • Tony_Andreas Rudolph_Portratis

    Natural and authentic female portraits by Tony Andreas Rudolph.

    Natural and authentic female portraits by Tony Andreas Rudolph. Tony is a talented 28-year-old self-taught photographer, conceptual artist, and 3D Digital Matte Painter currently based in Munich, Germany. Tony focuses mainly on portraiture and lifestyle photography. You can find more of his work here.

  • Header-Martina-Fat-Fred

    Sensual, feminine, and authentic: photographs by Martina Matencio.

    Martina Matencio is a photographer who lives and works in Barcelona. Her photographic work is much more than shooting simple beauty portraits. Using the authentic atmosphere of analog photography, the young photographer shoots images that offer the visual experience of an endless journey through life, love, thoughts, and deep emotions. You can find more of…

  • Header-Yo-Vo-Fat-Fred

    Nostalgic images shot by photographer Yo Vo.

    Yo Vo is a skilled artist, photographer, and filmmaker with a strong interest in visual mnemonics and the way we remember, imagine, and dream. He loves to produce portraits of characters and spaces in order to create atmospheres full of idiosyncrasy, timelessness, and uncertainty. You can find more of his photographic work on instagram.

  • Adam-Koziol-fat-fred

    Photographer Documents The Beauty of African and Asian Tribes on the Brink of Extinction.

    Photographer Adam Koziol documents the beauty of African and Asian tribes on the brink of extinction. In 2013, during a trip to Borneo, he realized that 3000 years of culture and tradition was doomed to disappear in the years to come. From then on, Koziol decided to start a photographic and documentary project to highlight…

  • “The Darkest Colour” is an abstract representation and visual reimagination by Yannis Davy Guibinga.

    Yannis Davy Guibinga is a self-taught photographer known for portraits that highlight the diversity of African cultures and identities. His works are often richly hued, with subjects positioned against bright gradient backgrounds or adorned in warm tones. In his project The Darkest Colour however, Guibinga moves away from his multi-colored photo shoots to focus entirely on the color…