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  • isabelle-header

    Remote Landscapes and Deserted Buildings Transformed by Colorful Plumes of Smoke

    Clouds of smoke burst upon mountainous terrains, landscapes and deserted buildings. These vibrant, ethereal sceneries are captured by French photographers Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot and are part of their Blossom project. To see more of Chapuis and Pinchot’s work please visit their website and Instagram.

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    Foods Distorted Through Water and Glass in Photographs by Suzanne Saroff

    In her ongoing series Perspective, photographer Suzanne Saroff creates fractured and skewed images of common foods as seen through vessels filled with water and glass objects. The images play with concepts of light and shadow resulting in distorted still lifes that appear almost like digital glitches. “With tools and techniques such as refraction, directional light,…

  • Header-Ludwig-Favre

    New York City in pastels and neon colors captured by French Photographer Ludwig Favre.

    Ludwig Favre is a French photographer. He mainly specializes in major cities and landscapes. During a recent trip to the US, he has shot a series of unique images of New York City. His series shows the city in a great mix of neon colors and kind of lovely pastels. You can find more eye-catching…

  • Header Collages

    Humorous Humans Overtake Landscapes in Guillaume Chiron’s Photo Collages

    Artist Guillame Chiron combines mid-century domestic life in humorous collages. Playing with scale and context, Chiron inserts oversized humans into urban landscapes. Chiron has also published a book of 250 collages. You can see more of the French artist’s collages on Tumblr and Instagram.

  • Nostalgic Photography by French artist and photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

    Nostalgic photography by French artist and photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond. His photographic work is characterized by a mix of landscapes, architecture, and human beings. His Disparitions series evokes a nostalgic sense of silence. Landscapes and buildings become compelling stage designs for human interactions. You can find more of his work on his website.

  • Exhibition Plastic Ocean by Dutch Photographer Thirza Schaap at Christie’s Amsterdam

    To raise awareness about the plastic soup in our oceans O, Wonder! and Dutch photographer Tirzha Schaap present Plastic Ocean, an exhibition and special publication that showcases a selection of Thirza Schaap’s most remarkable photographs. Schaap collects plastic waste from the shores of South Africa to create compositions that are characterised by their soft colors…

  • New Fragmented Photograph Collages by Lola Dupré

    Lola Dupré create beautiful manipulations of photographs in her surreal style. Dupré cuts images into thousands of shards and arranges them to create her detailed collages. Each work includes some sort of distortion to the original image. You can see more of the artist’s surreal creations on her Instagram.

  • “The Darkest Colour” is an abstract representation and visual reimagination by Yannis Davy Guibinga

    Yannis Davy Guibinga is a self-taught photographer known for portraits that highlight the diversity of African cultures and identities. His works are often richly hued, with subjects positioned against bright gradient backgrounds or adorned in warm tones. In his project The Darkest Colour however, Guibinga moves away from his multi-colored photo shoots to focus entirely on the color…

  • The Robot Next Door, a retouched photo series by Niko Photographisme.

    The Robot Next Door is a series of masterfully retouched photographs. Niko is a French photographer and designer who mainly specializes in photography and photo manipulations. He likes to create humorous images with a touch of credibility. For more, please visit Niko’s website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

  • JoeNafis_Header

    The Lost Village An Aerial Tour of an Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village by Joe Nafis

    Abandoned in the 1990s, Houtouwan is a small fishing village on the eastern most Chinese island of Shengshan. Due to large trawlers from nearby Shanghai, the fishing supply was depleted and forced the residents to find work elsewhere. Photographer and videographer Joe Nafis visited the area last year with fellow photographer Dave Tacon. It took them…