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  • Float-Screen-shot

    Self-Propelled Model Airplanes Take Flight in Float Documentary Trailer.

    The full trailer for the documentary Float introduces the world to a niche indoor sport that involves building and flying self-propelled model airplanes. Directed and edited by Phil Kibbe, the film follows two American pilots, Brett Sanborn and Yuan Kang Lee, as they gear up for the sport’s main event: the F1D World Championships in…

  • Timothy Archibald_Photography

    A father capturing the unique habits of his autistic son.

    Frustrated by autism, a father turns to photos capturing the unique habits of his autistic son. “I don’t care about autism,” says San Francisco-based photographer Timothy Archibald, who has a way of being refreshingly candid about kids who have it. You can find more of his project ‘Echolilia: Sometimes I Wonder‘ and other work here.

  • Johnny_Miller_Photography

    Photographer Johnny Miller reveal the dramatic divide between rich and poor.

    Photographer Johnny Miller reveal the dramatic divide between rich and poor in cities in South Africa, Mexico and India. The photos are part of his Unequal Scenes project, which he started in 2016 to challenge people’s acceptance of inequality. You can find more on his website.

  • Adam-Koziol-fat-fred

    Photographer Documents The Beauty of African and Asian Tribes on the Brink of Extinction.

    Photographer Adam Koziol documents the beauty of African and Asian tribes on the brink of extinction. In 2013, during a trip to Borneo, he realized that 3000 years of culture and tradition was doomed to disappear in the years to come. From then on, Koziol decided to start a photographic and documentary project to highlight…

  • Header-Fat-Fred

    Confronting photographs from the 1900s show the struggles of working children before child labor was abolished.

    Photographer Lewis Hine was tasked with being the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee from 1908. Lewis traveled across the country, documenting child labor, and endured constant threats from factory owners as the existence of child labor was supposed to be kept away from the public’s eye. However, Hine persisted, adopting many different disguises…

  • andrew-newey-honey-hunters-fat-fred

    Stunning Images Of The Ancient Traditional Honey Hunters Of Nepal.

    Stunning images of the ancient traditional honey hunters of Nepal. Andrew Newey, an award-winning travel photographer, has captured gripping photographs of central Nepalese Gurung tribe members engaged in a dangerous and ancient tradition – honey hunting. Honey hunting is among the oldest known human activities. There is an 8,000-year-old cave painting in Spain that portrays…

  • JoeNafis_Header

    The Lost Village An Aerial Tour of an Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village by Joe Nafis.

    Abandoned in the 1990s, Houtouwan is a small fishing village on the eastern most Chinese island of Shengshan. Due to large trawlers from nearby Shanghai, the fishing supply was depleted and forced the residents to find work elsewhere. Photographer and videographer Joe Nafis visited the area last year with fellow photographer Dave Tacon. It took them…

  • More than 30,000 Negatives Discovered in Russian Artist’s Attic Reveal a Lifetime of Hidden Photography.

    Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000) lived a secret life as a photographer, taking more than 30,000 photographs in her lifetime without ever showing to anyone. After her death in 2000 her daughter Asya Ivashintsova-Melkumyan stumbled upon her collection of negatives while cleaning out the attic. The photographs showcase a look into the inner world of Ivashintsova, while…