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  • Thomas Jorion - Photography

    The Abandoned Grandeur of Crumbling Palaces by Thomas Jorion.

    Whereas many photographers seek to capture beautiful ephemeral moments with their camera lens, French photographer Thomas Jorion is drawn to a more eternal timeline. Using an analog 4×5 camera, Jorion focuses on abandoned places: spaces and structures lost to the nature and time. You can find more of his beautiful work here.

  • Jonk_Photography

    Wastelands a new raw yet poetic series by French photographer Jonk.

    French photographer Jonk releases a third book presenting a new raw yet poetic series. It is in the heart of various abandoned places where the artist brings us once again. In «Wastelands», we discover several graffiti and murals in the middle of these sceneries left behind, sometimes even in ruins. You can find more of…