Exhibition Plastic Ocean by Dutch Photographer Thirza Schaap at Christie’s Amsterdam.

To raise awareness about the plastic soup in our oceans O, Wonder! and Dutch photographer Tirzha Schaap present Plastic Ocean, an exhibition and special publication that showcases a selection of Thirza Schaap’s most remarkable photographs. Schaap collects plastic waste from the shores of South Africa to create compositions that are characterised by their soft colors and unusual shapes. Exlusively for the Plastic Ocean publication, Iceland based Dutch writer Laura Broekhuysen wrote a literary essay. Broekhuysen is know for her poetic language and previously wrote Winter IJsland, wich was nominated for the Bob den Uyl Award 2017. The publication is available as pre-order for 20 Euro (incl. VAT) in an edition of 300 and will be presented at the official opening on 3 June from 5-7 pm of the exhibition at Christie’s Amsterdam, Vondelstraat 73.