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  • Dance-Dance

    Dance Dance, Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

    Film director Thomas Blanchard is known for his video work with oils and inks. In his most recent video “dance dance” he uses flowers as the contextual framework for his signature coils and swirls of color.  

  • Breathe

    Breathe, An Storm Time-Lapse film Directed by Mike Olbinski.

    Breathe. A Stunning black & white timelapse of thunderstorms across the central plains. Directed by filmmaker, photographer, and storm-chaser Mike Olbinski.  

  • Myst

    Myst, Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

    Directed by Thomas Blanchard, Myst is an experimental video combining geometric shapes with colorful acrylic inks. The video is the first part of the exhibition “Kingdom of Colors”, which took place at the art gallery “Arthouse” in Washington DC. Please visit his website here.  

  • Transient

    Transient, A Short Film Created by Dustin Farrell.

    Transient – A beautiful short film that captures lightning at 1,000 frames per second. Created by filmmaker and photographer Dustin Farrell. He spent over a month this summer traveling some 20,000 miles for the sole purpose of filming thunderstorms around the United States.  

  • murmurations

    The Art of Flying a Short Film by Jan van IJken.

    Short film about “murmurations”: the mysterious flights of the common starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding. Every night the starlings gather at dusk to perform their stunning air show. The Art of Flying made by filmmaker Jan van IJken, can be…

  • Zurich 2.0

    Zurich 2.0, An Interactive Video by Dirk Koy.

    Explore streets and buildings of a surreal version of the city of Zurich. Created by using several 3D scans of roads and buildings, Dirk Koy has produced an interactive video that takes you on a trip through a surreal city of Zurich in Switzerland. While floating freely through a fragmented environment, viewers can make a…

  • Tergo

    Tergo, A Charles Willcocks Film.

    Tergo, “a modern day fable for anybody who might be lonely and caught up in the rat race of life.” Directed by 3D lighting artist Charles Willcocks, this touching short film is telling the story of Tergo, a lonely cleaning robot lost in the urban machine of London.  

  • Thumbnail_Elements

    Elements – Art film by Maxim Zhestkov.

    Maxim Zhestkov is a Russia based visual artist and art director specializing in animation, design, and cinematography. During the past years, he has worked for an impressive range of clients. Besides all the commissioned projects, he loves to work on self-initiated short films. Elements is an experimental animation about nature, physics, art, and love.  

  • Ignite-Short-Film

    Ignight, An Experimental Long Exposure Light Film by Daniel Barreto.

    Ignite is an experimental animation from 24-year-old artist Daneil Barreto. The clip was made with hundreds of long exposure photos of various LEDs similar to a stop-motion film or timelapse. Nothing is digital.