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  • isabelle-header

    Remote Landscapes and Deserted Buildings Transformed by Colorful Plumes of Smoke.

    Clouds of smoke burst upon mountainous terrains, landscapes and deserted buildings. These vibrant, ethereal sceneries are captured by French photographers Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot and are part of their Blossom project. To see more of Chapuis and Pinchot’s work please visit their website and Instagram.

  • Header-Ludwig-Favre

    New York City in pastels and neon colors captured by French Photographer Ludwig Favre.

    Ludwig Favre is a French photographer. He mainly specializes in major cities and landscapes. During a recent trip to the US, he has shot a series of unique images of New York City. His series shows the city in a great mix of neon colors and kind of lovely pastels. You can find more eye-catching…

  • Nostalgic Photography by French artist and photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond.

    Nostalgic photography by French artist and photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond. His photographic work is characterized by a mix of landscapes, architecture, and human beings. His Disparitions series evokes a nostalgic sense of silence. Landscapes and buildings become compelling stage designs for human interactions. You can find more of his work on his website.

  • Adrian Wojtas captured a Foggy Irish Town Drenched in Aquamarine Light.

    Adrian Wojtas captured a dystopian glimpse of Navan, Ireland in a deep fog. The nighttime images are devoid of human life, and are each cast in an aquamarine glow from the surrounding streetlights. You can find more of this series on his Instagram.

  • Header-Oli-Kellett

    Photographic Explorations of People Within The Urban Environment Captured by Oli Kellett.

    Oli Kellett is a photographer who masterfully plays with shadows and light. His images are photographic explorations of people within the urban environment. For those who want to see more of Oli Kellett’s photographic work, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

  • Mandy_Barker_Header

    Plastic Swirls of Marine Debris Documented in Images by Photographer Mandy Barker.

    Photographer Mandy Barker creates beautiful images to document the plastic debris fields in the world’s oceans. Barker manipulates her findings in Photoshop, creating plastic swirls in which ocean water holds these objects in suspension. Her work is on display at BredaPhoto in The Netherlands in September 2018. You can see more of Barker’s photographs on her…


    Hibernation, an ongoing photo series by Øystein Sture Aspelund.

    Hibernation, an ongoing photo series by Øystein Sture Aspelund. This personal project is based on the experiences of a man and his relationship to the environment. Aspelund captured the mysterious world of subconsciousness and the sometimes barely visible border between truth and fiction. For more, please visit Øystein Sture Aspelund’s website or follow him on…

  • pelle-header

    Patterns of Activity and Movement Captured in Composite Photographs by Pelle Cass.

    Photographer Pelle Cass documents the dizzying patterns of activity and movement that occurs at sporting events in a unique series of masterfully edited images titled ‘Crowded Fields’. The artist attends local college games, and takes upward of one thousand photographs over the course of two hours. Cass then spends dozens of hours editing the photos…

  • TomiyasuHayahisa_header

    The Daily Life of a Ping Pong Table in Leipzig, Germany Photographed by Tomiyasu Hayahisa.

    Tomiyasu Hayahisa started photographing a ping pong table located in a public athletic field across from his dorm in Leipzig, Germany for a series titled TTP. Tomiyasu had first noted the location after observing a fox after waiting several days for the animal to return, he began to photograph the other life forms that congregated or…

  • wardrobe-snacks-header

    Wardrobe Snacks: A Project Inspired by Diners Lacking a Table.

    ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ series is a collaboration between photographer Kelsey McClellan and set stylist Michelle Maguire, who together form the collective ‘Dusty’. Styled with retro clothing in satisfying palettes, the series features close-ups of hands elegantly holding a range of snacks. “Wardrobe Snacks was inspired by diners lacking the luxury of being seated at a table,”…