Wouter Bouvijn

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Wouter bouvijn stubru wanthanee STUDIO BRUSSEL
Wouter bouvijn atelier brussel CANVAS
Atelier Brussel
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Altelier Gent
Wouter bouvijn balthazar BALTHAZAR
Wouter bouvijn crossroads trailer CROSSROADS
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Atelier Oostende
Wouter bouvijn novastar NOVASTAR

Wouter Bouvijn

Showreel / Biography
Wouter bio

Wouter was raised in a very musical household and this was very much his love until he was given an old video camera and all that changed. This came with some challenges as he could only record when the cable was connected to the VCR, so he had to be creative. Within the confines of his living room he started recreating classic movies and his love for directing was born.

He graduated from the RITS School of Arts Brussel with his film ‘Tweesprong’ (Crossroads). This was received to great acclaim and was awarded a Student Academy Award (the student Oscars) by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science as well as being awarded several international awards including Best Int’l Short at Hollyshorts.

His passion for film is apparent and whether it be writing his first feature film, working as an editor or directing documentaries, it definitely keeps him busy.

What makes Wouter tick?

Wouter bouvijn tick1 european parliament
European Parliament

Great way of telling a story.

Wouter bouvijn tick3 gap spike jonze
Antichrist Prologue

Lars Von Trier setting up a story, what more can I say?

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Spike Jonze

Three black stars@2x
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