Patrik Bergh

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Father & Son
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Black Friday
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Backstage Pool
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Rewards Club
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Party Boat
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Patrik bergh vw pretender VOLKSWAGEN
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Patrik Bergh

Showreel / Biography
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By starting his film career as a runner and also training as an actor, Patrik Bergh had good foundations on which to build his filmmaking career.
Taking notes from both the great and the bad directors he worked with, he decided to write and direct a short film ‘Veronqiue’ which won several awards and opened the doors to the advertising world. 

Since then his performance led work has seen him shoot for international clients such as VW, Nissan, BBC and Ford.

What makes Patrik tick?

Patrik bergh tick1 gregory crewdson 29
Gregory Crewdson

Each picture is like a story in itself.

Patrik bergh tick2 travelling 2

More than anything travelling makes me tick.

Patrik bergh tick3 paris texas
Paris Texas

Beautiful, poetic and a road movie of sorts, a big inspiration.

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