Marcus Svanberg

Showreel / Biography
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Sustainability (DC)
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Le Bon
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The Organic Effecrt
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Affordable Quality (DC)
Marcus svanberg ikea nockeby IKEA
Nockeby (DC)
Marcus svanberg sainbury's SAINSBURY'S
Marcus svanberg   aliciakeys3 BLACKBERRY
Alicia Keys
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Metod Kitchen (DC)
Marcus svanberg cocacola aaron COCA COLA
Marcus svanberg neil gaiman BLACKBERRY
Neil Gaiman
Marcus svanberg lidl2 LIDL
Marcus svanberg button king TELE 2
Button King

Marcus Svanberg

Showreel / Biography

Marcus started his career as a rock star with questionable hair before deciding to get it cut and move into the world of television, where he produced and directed some of Sweden’s most innovative TV shows.

With an insight into the industry he decided to move into commercials and this is where his talent for cinematic storytelling began to shine.

He has an ability to create beautifully crafted and heartfelt work that captures something real and authentic in every subject.

He quickly became one of Sweden’s most renowned directors, making films for global brands such as IKEA, Nike, Coke Zero, UNICEF, Ray-Ban, Jaguar and Reebok. His clever and insightful work also won him critical acclaim across the industry, winning two Silver Cannes Lions and a bronze so far…..

What makes Marcus tick?

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