Henry Littlechild

Showreel / Biography
Henry littlechild latschenkiefer walrus 2 LATSCHENKIEFER
Screen shot 2016 10 03 at 14.57.46 Cheerios
Make Friends With Morning
Henry littlechild nicorette keeping calm NICORETTE
Keeping Calm
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Henry littlechild aviva nailgun 3 AVIVA
Screen shot 2016 10 03 at 15.15.10 Smyths
If I Were a Toy
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Henry Littlechild

Showreel / Biography

After studying film and photography at Art School in the UK, Henry joined an internationally acclaimed London agency as a creative where he began directing professionally. His talents as a director were spotted by the market leaders in viral advertising, where he co-directed multiple projects, including his Ford Ka virals which were viewed by over 30 million people. 

His great use of visual humour has seen him working with some of the UK’s biggest agencies, picking up multiple awards along the way. In the Netherlands he has already directed spots for Zalando and we are looking forward to this very tall Londoner working here a lot more.

What makes Henry tick?

Henry littlechild tick1 cabinporn

Wooden huts in interesting places - what’s not to like?

Henry littlechild tick2 lettersofnote
Letters of Note

Amazing, endlessly interesting and such a simple idea.

Henry littlechild tick3 thequietus
The Quietus

I trawl through endless music websites. This is one of my favourites.

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