Christoffer Von Reis

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Sleep like a baby
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Judith House Duo
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On Repeat
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Happy Drive
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Christoffer von reis oddset historien 2 ODDSET
Christoffer von reis apoteket out head APOTEKET
Can't get you out of my mind
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Christoffer Von Reis

Showreel / Biography
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Born and raised on a small island off of the coast of Sweden, Christoffer von Reis decided after finishing his studies in art and photography, to try his luck on the mainland. He began assisting in the world of commercials and fashion and worked on many high profile and award winning jobs. He then decided to start directing his own work, mixing subtle humour with stylish character driven spots.

What makes Christoffer tick?

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Gary Veynerchuk

You always need wine. A classic.

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Prince Guitar Solo

You can always rely on Prince.

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Local news always inspires. Never forget where you come from.

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