Axel Laubscher

Showreel / Biography
Axel laubscher fisherman2 Fisherman's Friend
Screen shot 2017 02 02 at 12.26.34 BANKIA
Payback Time
Axel laubscher barmenia battlecall2 BARMENIA
Battle Call
Axel laubscher santec prison 2 SANTEC
Axel laubscher falcon fishermen FALCON
Axel laubscher mcdonalds coffeemaker 2 MCDONALD'S
Axel laubscher travel cash packing 3 TRAVEL CASH
Axel laubscher byggmakker helpinghand 2 BYGGMAKER
Helping Hand

Axel Laubscher

Showreel / Biography

After living in both India and South America, Swedish director Axel Laubscher learnt to speak 4 languages and ended up at NYU studying film. Whilst there he directed several short films and worked on many features before deciding to move back to Sweden, where he continued directing commercials and started his own production company.

His unique style of storytelling and visually strong work has won him many awards including gold and silver Lions and a nomination for best commercial at the D&AD’s. His Santec commercial won both bronze at Cannes and gold at the Epica Awards.

What makes Axel tick?

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